Rotten Siding

Rotten Siding
Rotten Siding

We all hear about the damage rotten siding can do to your home however few people have actually seen what can be behind old siding – below are a few pictures of what can be behind your siding.

Rotten siding needs to be dealt with in a timely matter, if it isn’t dealt with the structural integrity of the home can be put at risk. Even worse, it can eventually lead to mould in your house which is very toxic and dangerous. Call us to get a quotation to replace your rotten siding and repair any rotten areas.

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So, how do you actually go about finding rotten siding? You’ll need both your senses of sight and touch for this task, as well as a screwdriver, flashlight, and binoculars. Keep in mind that the rotting siding you are looking for could be in plain view, but quite often it will actually be hidden, for instance behind cracked paint or underneath the siding surface.

One key (and hopefully obvious) principle to bear in mind during your search: wood should not be soft when you press on it. If it is you definitely have rotten siding.

Water tends to remain on window sills longer than on the rest of the window frame, so the sills are usually the first to suffer from rot. Rain is amazingly persistent and powerful. Even the normal action of rain water on a window sill will slowly wear away its paint, causing water to begin to seep into the wood, eventually leading to rot. As you inspect your window sills, carefully press the wood to detect any soft, deteriorated areas. Use a screw driver in hard-to-reach places. If the wood punctures easily, replace it ASAP. Finally, inspect the rest of the window frame, as wood rot often spreads up from the sill to the vertical framing pieces and trim.

Siding Vancouver offers Siding Rot Repairs for $85 per man hour (minimum 8 hours charge) plus materials at cost plus 20%. Simply email pictures of the damages to along with your contact number and address. We will get in touch with you to arrange the repair.

Siding Rot

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