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At Siding Vancouver we realize how important value is. We know that everybody wants to spend their money in smart ways. We are open to discussing siding cost over the phone. Please contact us 604-786-8387  – to get a free no obligation quotation.

Our motto is making quality affordable and we truly believe this, it is ingrained in our culture.

When doing a siding project it is important to make sure all quotations you receive compare apples to apples so you don’t get stung with additional siding cost in the end.

It is easy to knock off 10 to even 20% from a quotation by removing parts from a scope of work. However before we do this we always explain why each element in the scope is important to the durability and curb appeal of your siding installation.  The below video will explain what should be included in a typical scope of work. Many people will give you a ballpark siding cost for your siding project,  will thereafter have many hidden fees/additional siding cost to your project.

Siding Vancouver is a Christian siding company in Vancouver, and we value our morals and ethics. We strive to work our hardest to meet everybody’s needs. Integrity is our mission.

Siding Vancouver takes pride in making all our siding projects the best possible experience for our customers. We believe that if we offer incredible service and workmanship, we will be rewarded by referrals, which we greatly appreciate when we receive them. If there is a siding product you would like installed on your house which we do not have on our website, feel free to ask us about it and we can source it out and most likely provide you with a quote for it.

If you would like to know how much some projects we have done cost, view our GALLERY on the top of the page.

Call us today for your free quote. We will provide you the exact siding cost. (604)786-8387


siding cost

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