Rain Screen Techonology

What is Rain Screen Technology?

Rain Screen Technology was created as a preventative solution for the leaky condo crisis. It is a layer between the sheathing and cladding, called a capillary gap. It allows for air ventilation/circulation, and water drainage. There are various ways to create this gap. The most common way is to use ½” pressure treated plywood strapping, with a fiberglass bug screen. There are also roll on rain screens, which are a stapled on mesh. These roll on rain screens are typically used for cedar shingle siding.

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Why do you need Rain Screen Technology?

When you invest in updating the siding on your Vancouver home, you want to ensure that your investment will withstand all weather conditions and last a long time. Rain Screen Technology is a proactive solution to make sure your high quality siding lasts a lifetime. It is much better than a retroactive solution, as there is no telling how much a siding repair could cost you as a homeowner. It is best to plan ahead with Rain Screen technology and ensure that your home is safe from potential leaks.

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Why hire Siding Vancouver to install Rain Screen Technology?

Siding Vancouver is professionally trained and insured to install Rain Screen Technology. For an asset as important as your home, Rain Screen Technology is a feature that you need installed correctly. With Siding Vancouver, you can rest assured that every installation is completed to the highest standard and that we stand by our work. We have years of experience in the siding industry, and we know that Rain Screen Technology is a good investment for homeowners to consider when they are renovating their siding. Rain Screen Technology is also great for new home developments, as you can have a proactive leak solution from the start.

Want to learn more about Rain Screen Technology?

Rain Screen Technology can be a confusing concept to understand. However, our team at Siding Vancouver is dedicated to fully educating our customers before they decide to invest in Rain Screen Technology. If you would like to learn more about the benefits and costs of Rain Screen Technology, contact one of our team members at Siding Vancouver today. Any of our professional team members can walk you through Rain Screen Technology and give you an accurate quote for your property.

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