Wood Siding Vancouver

Wood Siding Vancouver

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If you take a look at the modern siding products, you will notice something. Most of them try to mimic the look of real, high quality, wood siding. High quality wood siding is unmatched in terms of the beauty it adds to the home. When installed and maintained properly, wood siding is beautiful to look at.

Wood Siding Vancouver

Benefits of Wood Siding Vancouver

Customization of Wood Siding

One of the major benefits of wood siding is the limitless customization that home owners have in the end appearance. Different woods, various cutting styles, and limitless colour options make wood siding a fun and creative choice for home owners. You can create the look for your home that you’ve always dreamed of.

There are many types of wood siding to choose from. A few types of wood siding include:

  • Clapboard
  • Rectangular planking
  • Plywood
  • Shingles
  • Shakes
  • Solid Wood

All of these options have a different appeal and different benefits. Contact one of our team members at Siding in Vancouver to get a deeper understanding about which siding option is right for your home.

Wood Siding as an Insulator

Wood is a great siding product for decreasing your utility bills and increasing the comfort inside your home during all seasons. Wood is a natural insulator, so it will help keep your house warm during the winter and keep it cool and comfortable during the summer months.

Wood Siding is an Environmentally Friendly Option

Wood siding is one of the most environmentally friendly siding choices a home owner can make. Wood is biodegradable and is a renewable resource, so the environmental effects are minimal. If environmental effects are an important factor to your home siding decision, wood siding is one of your best options.

Wood Siding Vancouver Maintenance

With the natural beauty of wood siding come a little extra maintenance. Wood is susceptible to a few risks that unnatural siding options are not. If wood siding is not cared for, it can warp and split. However, with regular maintenance by a trusted siding company, your wood siding will last the lifetime of your home.  Wood siding also reacts differently in different climates. If you are unsure if wood siding if the right choice for your home, contact one our of team members today.

More Questions About Wood Siding?

Siding in Vancouver is happy to help with any wood siding installation or maintenance needs. We are a call away at 1-800-795-6701.

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