Vinyl Windows

Siding Vancouver offers Vinyl Window and Doors for your Vancouver home. Vinyl windows are the most cost effective windows you can install for your home, in comparison to metal or wood windows. The windows we offer are all complete with Double Glazing, Low E Glass, and are Argon Gas Filled. If you need new windows for your home, and are on a budget, vinyl is your best option. Don’t think that just because the price is much lower that the quality will be sacrificed. This is untrue. The windows we install are great quality, and the installation is done by our in house professional installers. Installing new Vinyl Windows will drastically increase the energy efficiency of your home! Lower your heating bill, and put the money back into your pocket!

The long term cost savings that occurs by swapping out old drafty windows definitely makes vinyl windows a solid option. You get the best of both world with vinyl windows; low cost and incredible return on investment. If you plan on selling your home, and you have old windows, then installing new windows is a great option, as most home buyers look at the efficiency of the house windows upon making their decision.

Vinyl windows are available in 2 options: New Construction Windows, and Replacement Windows. Most people assume that because they are renovating their home, that they must install Replacement Windows. This is not true. You have the option of installing New Construction Windows as well. The way this is achieved (if you are not planning on changing your siding) is by cutting the existing siding around the window by 3.5” or 5.5” (depending on the look you want), then installing new moisture barrier, complete with a peel & stick waterproof membrane at the sill (bottom), jambs (sides), and header (top) of the window opening.

We then install a bead of polyurethane to the header and jambs of the window, and install the window into the opening, and install a flashing on top of it. Once installed, we install new trim using either comb face wood or fibre cement trim. A bead of polyurethane caulking is then installed between the existing siding and trim, and between trim and window.

There are 3 styles of Vinyl Windows available. They are (in order of price low to high): Fixed (solid glass), Slider, and Casement (Crank open). They can be customized to incorporate munton bars as well. The glass can be either clear, or frosted. There are many types of frosted glass to choose from.

Siding Vancouver can also install Vinyl Framed Sliding Glass Doors for you as well, available in both of the following brands.

The best time to change your windows is when you plan on changing your siding. This said, the best time to change your siding is also the best time to change your windows! The reason for this is because you will save the cost of the above mentioned labor of cutting the existing siding away (if it is stucco, this can be costly).

We are affiliated with Oasis windows and Tyee Windows. Feel free to visit their websites for more information. (Click on logos below). If you are looking at installing windows other than Oasis or Tyee, we are open to sourcing them out, and installing them for you as well.

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