Renovating your home should be a positive experience, free from worry and stress. You should have full confidence in the company you hire, knowing that you are getting the best service, quality, and a competitive price. Below are 10 reasons why Siding Vancouver is the right choice for your job:

  1. Start to Finish – Siding Vancouver will help you put it all together – from ideas to design help, product selection, plans, timeline, and more.
  2. Experienced Advice – Siding Vancouver has the experience and knowledge to help turn your ideas into reality. We listen, make suggestions, and look for the best way of doing things – including cost saving ideas.
  3. Technical Know How – Siding Vancouver understands construction. We know how to deal with problems that come up, and how to improve the comfort of your home during construction.
  4. Expert Teamwork – Behind Siding Vancouver is a solid team of General Manager, (Stefan Dahlen) Operations Manager (Chris Dahlen), Marketing Manager (Christian Thompson), Project Managers, Hourly Workers, and when needed, subtrades.
  5. Proven Track Record – Siding Vancouver has many happy customers. We invite you to contact them and view the work we did for them. With every quote we send, we send our referral spreadsheet for these customers.
  6. Accurate Pricing – There is no need to be concerned about low ball get in the door pricing from Siding Vancouver. We give you exact pricing on most items we install. If there are additional costs associated with the job, we will discuss the options with you before proceeding. We do not try to make as much money on every job; rather, we strive to do the best quality and provide the best service so we can earn the valuable referrals of our customers.
  7. Written Contract – Siding Vancouver provides a written estimate with a detailed scope of work for each project we do. This turns into a contract once the customer agrees via email to proceed with the work.
  8. Liability Insurance/WCB Coverage – Siding Vancouver has 2 million dollar Liability Insurance for each job we do. We also have WCB Coverage for all our workers.
  9. Warranty – Like any other consumer purchase, Siding Vancouver provides a workmanship guarantee on all installations we do. The products we install have great warranties as well.

Service – Siding Vancouver is in business for the long term. We work hard to earn customers trust, and strive to make every job we do a great experience for the customer.

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