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Versetta Siding Is Perfect To Complete Your Home

Siding Vancouver specializes in Versetta Stone (mechanically fastened manufactured stone). This product is an excellent addition to your home, and blends incredibly well with James Hardie Siding!

The four main advantages of Versetta Stone over natural stone:
  1. Cost – Much more affordable than natural stone. You can achieve a very high quality look for way less cost.

  2. Weight – Much lighter than natural stone. It can be installed on sheathed walls with a rain screen system, and does not require an anchoring system or base foundation, which natural stone sometimes does.

  3. Speed – Can be installed much faster than natural stone.

  4. In House Installation – We don’t have to hire a mason! We install it in house with our own crew!
Siding Vancouver Has Extensive Experience With Versetta Stone

Versetta stone is the perfect choice for full house cladding or for accentuating the house exterior. It can be used for Wall Cladding, Entryways, Chimneys, Retaining Walls, or Interior Fireplaces. Versetta stone is very high quality, durable, light weight, and versatile.

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If there is a siding product you would like installed on your house which we do not have on our website, feel free to ask us about it. We can source it out and assist you in getting you the look you want.

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