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The most cost-effective thing you can do to your home this year is to replace old siding with new, higher-end Fiber Cement Siding. No matter what the exterior, properly installed Fiber Cement Siding (available pre-painted with a 15-year paint warranty), Vinyl Siding, Metal Siding, or Wood Siding will not only beautify your home; it will also make it more comfortable and energy efficient for years to come.

Siding is only one of many retrofit products for your home that can have a number of beneficial effects. Vinyl Siding or Wood Siding can dramatically improve the look of a home that has been worn out by wet Vancouver weather. Further, Fiber Cement and Vinyl Siding significantly reduce the amount of home maintenance required because of their ability to withstand the elements as well as abrasive cleaning methods such as power-washing.

HomeStars Best Of 2017 Siding Contractor Award

Best of Awards winners are determined by comparing all companies in a region on Star Score, content quality and third party data (credit and legal). Therefore, criteria can vary by market and is a relative measure of all companies in a given market for the calendar...

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As Seen On – Love It Or List It

Has the love affair with your home hit a roadblock? Should you start seeing other houses? Will you love your home again? Or, will you list it? A favorite Vancouver TV Show. Love - It - Or - List - It has featured "Siding Vancouver" as a siding contractor in Vancouver....

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Six Benefits Of Fibre Cement Siding

We believe having the right information is critical to making a decision. Below are some benifits of Fiber Cement Siding Environmentally Friendly Fibre cement siding is made from a mix of cement, sand, and wood fibre. The wood fibre is usually recycled from a previous...

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Siding Costs Vancouver

Siding Vancouver is dedicated to providing the very best in siding installation. Use this website to find out everything you need to know about Siding Costs, Siding Types and learn about our process.

Siding Renovations and Benefits

Re-Siding your home is the number one Return on Investment for any home renovation! Replacing Siding is one of the most inexpensive ways to improve the appearance of a property. Renovating your house exterior will make your home look virtually brand new.

Siding Repairs Vancouver

Siding Vancouver is one of the top siding contractors in Vancouver and British Columbia; we’re well-known for our superb work on every project. Our installations vary from small, exterior Vinyl Siding or Cedar Siding Repairs to Full Exterior.

Types of Siding

We are experts with a solid reputation for providing the best in all types of siding. These include Vinyl Siding, Hardie Siding and Cedar Siding. We can install any of these types on Townhouses, Condo’s Houses and Commercial properties.

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