Cedar Siding is a beautiful way to increase the outer aesthetic of your home.

Cedar siding has many benefits over other types of siding that is common for homes.

Our team at Siding Vancouver is happy to walk you through the benefits of each, but below we have done our best to summarize why cedar siding might be the right choice for your Vancouver home.

Cedar Siding is Durable

Cedar has many innate properties that help it resist against problems such as mildew, fungi and other bacterias. Cedar siding will prove to be a low maintenance, highly durable siding for your Vancouver home. With a little education about caring for cedar siding, you can ensure your cedar siding lasts for decades and looks its best.

Cedar Siding is Customizable

Cedar Siding is available in red or white. This choice truly depends on the end look you are trying to achieve. The next choice to make is Finish. Some leave their cedar untreated for a natural look; however this decreases the durability of the siding. Others choose to finish the cedar siding with a clear coat to maintain a natural look, but increasing the longevity. You may wish to paint your cedar siding a colour of your choice as well.

Cedar Siding has Environmental Benefits

Cedar siding is more environmentally friendly than using other wood siding types for your home. This is because cedar requires minimal processing and treatment, decreasing environmental effects. Cedar siding is also biodegradable.

Cedar Siding offers Cost Saving Benefits

Cedar is an excellent insulator, so it helps home owners decrease their heating expenses in the Winter. As an excellent insulator, cedar also helps keep in cool air during the summer months to decrease your air conditioning expenses.

Cedar Siding products are Local

We live in the right part of the world for Cedar! We are proud to supply cedar siding products from Elykwood Forest Products. Please visit their website to see what they have to offer.

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