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What is natural stone?

Natural Stone is one of the most beautiful and elegant items you can install on your home exterior. It can be used for Wall Cladding, Entryways, Chimneys, Retaining Walls, or Interior Fireplaces. Natural Stone is available in a very wide variety of profiles and colors. Natural stone comes from a harvest of real stones, which are gathered and processed from quarries. Some varieties of natural stone are processed in manufacturing factories and formed from large slabs. They are shaped using a process similar to how stone tiles are formed; with diamond saws, and water cutting techniques. The individual stones are set together in mortar to form a single, stone-sized section that can be applied to the exterior of your home. Grout is used to fill the gaps.

The two main advantages of Natural Stone Veneer over Cultured (manufactured) stone
  1. Durability – Real stone will not fade or crack over time. It lasts for centuries! The buildings in Rome and many other places are still standing!

  2. Aesthetics – Real stone is made by Mother Nature. Its look is generally viewed as superior to cultured stone products. Characteristics, which identify natural stone such as the texture, lichen growing on it, unique shapes, etc. cannot be matched by cultured stone.


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